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Thank you Marian Donner : “What you are doing (and I admit: it took a while before I caught on) is to show the vulnerability of female sexuality. Its power and intensity, as well as its exploitation. You have turned yourself into an empty canvas on which every discussion on the position of the modern day woman is depicted: she is strong, weak, submissive, confused, autonomous, etc. In doing this, you confront your audience with their own ‘vision’ as well as with the vision of society as a whole.”

Thank you Diana Snyder: “My favorites are when you so boldly look into the camera- no timid or shy in expressing your sexuality-bold, face straight on! good girl attack!”

Thank you Clement Allanic: “I love the way you turn pure excitement into something really beautiful and almost sacred (i’m not a fetishist ahah). I mean, it’s really on the edge and u do it perfectly. I may be wrong but… anyway I love it.”

Thank you Jenny Papalexandris: “I recently had the privilege to see some of her work from “Shooting Back” at the International Foto Biennale in Ballarat, Australia. I was greatly moved by the intensity and honesty of her self portraits. Beyond the strong emotional impact, I was struck by the concept she was obsessively exploring, one of the representation of women in the world as a sex object, she plays, and yes, subverts this view of women in the media, in pornography and in psychological cliches of women. She literally turns these stifling perceptions right back on us! in our face. Forget, the ‘male gaze’ here is an artist who has swallowed it and spat it out, and now she owns it! No longer the passive receiver of male sexual consumption. This time she is the subject/object and this time she is calling all the shots! Bravo….and a big merci and for representing her here!….”